Four Georgia Tech innovators create a semiconductor company

Four researchers at Georgia Tech — Dr. Jeff Dugger, Dr. Matt Kucic, Dr. Paul Hasler, and Dr. Paul Smith – banded together in 2002 to create a startup based on a technology they developed in Georgia Tech’s Integrated Computational Electronics (ICE) lab. The company provides low power solutions for noise cancellation in mobile applications such as wireless handsets and audio accessories.

Since the original analog technology was licensed from Georgia Tech Research Corporation, the company has raised $28.5 million in capital through Menlo Ventures and Jafco Ventures. GTronix offers several products that target wired or wireless headsets, cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, and audio/video personal electronic devices. Their products include an adaptive noise canceling microphone processor and a noise-canceling processor with integrated custom tuned filters. They also provide integrated circuits and integrated module products for portable consumer electronics. As of June 21, 2010, GTronix, Inc., operates as a subsidiary of National Semiconductor Corporation.

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