Georgia Tech’s BI Capture™ assists caregivers of children with autism and other special needs

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a behavior imaging tool, BI Capture™, to monitor and assess the behavior of children with autism and other developmental disorders. This easy-to-use, video-based ‘capture and access’ system can be used for recording, annotating, and communicating behavior in a classroom, home, or clinic setting.

BI Capture (BI stands for behavioral imaging) enables teachers, physicians, behavioral consultants, and parents to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments and programs, or simply to review incidents and events to better understand a child’s response. Once the BI Capture cameras are positioned in the child’s environment, a professional or family member can activate the video via a wireless, hand-held activator small enough to fit on a keychain. The software can run on any PC and it saves the video for later review. The technology is helping families of children with autism and other developmental disorders to monitor, assess, and better understand behavior.

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