Georgia Tech’s Integrated MEMS Laboratory spins out the next generation of motion sensors

Research conducted by Dr. Farrokh Ayazi at Georgia Tech’s renowned Integrated MEMS Laboratory has led to a huge market opportunity for inertial sensors in consumer mobile product applications, including gaming, navigation, and digital photography. Qualtré, Inc., the world’s leading developer of solid state silicon MEMS-based motion sensor solutions, addresses the new ‘must-have’ functionality in portable consumer electronics.

Founded in 2008, Qualtré is a venture-backed company creating the next generation of solid state silicon MEMS motion sensor solutions for consumer electronics. The company is commercializing innovations in MEMS gyroscope design and fabrication based on its licensed Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technology. The world’s first solid-state integrated tri-axis gyroscope offers stable performance, robust shock tolerance, and high-bandwidth operation with a wide-ranging sensing capability. Qualtré received an initial $5 million in funding from Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures in 2008, and a second round of $8 million in funding in 2010. Qualtré is focused in the near-term on the launch of highly integrated products using its BAW inertial sensor devices.

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