Georgia Tech Offers Startup Training for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

On November 10, 2011, Georgia Tech will offer a full slate of courses designed to help GT innovators and entrepreneurs launch successful startup ventures. The courses are sponsored by the Georgia Tech Integrated Program for Startups (GT:IPS™), an initiative designed to accelerate the formation of robust Georgia Tech startup companies and to encourage broader participation in entrepreneurship among faculty and students. The training sessions will help entrepreneurs identify promising business opportunities, develop patent strategies to protect intellectual property, cultivate funding opportunities, and address the nuts and bolts of forming a new company.


Instructor:  Keith McGreggor, Director, VentureLab

Time: 4:30

Course Description: Identifying and memorializing the business aspects of a startup company is vital.  This course will address how to identify your company’s business opportunity and prepare a business plan, from anticipating the potential market to defining exit strategies.


Instructor:  Stephen Snowdy, Owner, Ansley Ventures

Time: 4:30

Course Description:  University related startup companies have a variety of potential funding sources.  This course in particular will focus on funding from venture capitalist, angel investors, and similar mechanisms.


Instructor:  Lauren MacLanahan, Director, Innovation Commercialization and Translational Research

Time: 5:30

Course Description:  My company wants to file a patent application, so where, when, and how do I do so?  This class will focus on topics to consider in deciding when to file a patent application and in what countries, as well as prosecution strategies that a company may consider in best protecting its intellectual property.


Instructor:  Jeffrey McConnell, CEO, Whisper Communications

Time: 5:30

Course Description:  Where do I start in forming a new company?  This course will address this question by discussing topics such as the different types of corporate structures, how to incorporate, and how to identify your company’s team taught from an entrepreneur’s perspective.  Subsequent offerings of this course will discuss these topics from a corporate lawyer’s perspective.

All courses will be held on Thursday, November 10, at 505 Tenth Street NW, Atlanta, GA. Advance registration is required. For more information about the Georgia Tech Integrated Program for Startups, please visit


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