Georgia Tech Professional Education Course Curriculum Combines Safety and Lean Process Improvement

The course explores the benefits of an integrated approach for improving both production processes and safety outcomes.

Georgia Tech Professional Education will conduct a Lean and Safe: Safety-Integrated Process Improvement course (MFG 2003) Nov. 6-8, 2012 at the Georgia Tech-Savannah campus. Participants will learn about the importance of developing an integrated approach for production processes and safety outcomes. When utilized together, companies can see increased benefits in productivity and costs.

“Implementing Lean principles and good safety practices together should be a gradual process for companies that have historically operated the two separately (if at all),” says Tim Israel, group manager for Lean Enterprise and Quality Services at the Georgia Institute of Technology Enterprise Innovation Institute. “Our new Georgia Tech Lean Safety course introduces the Safety Integrated Process Improvement Method, which allows safety professionals and Lean production managers to speak the same language, solve problems together, and begin merging their efforts to improve manufacturing processes.”

The course targets a broad range of occupations including: safety and health professionals, process improvement specialists, industrial engineers, and managers. Participants will learn to apply safety metrics to Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for process improvements, understand the ‘lean and safe’ toolkit, and identify waste in processes within a simulation-based learning experience.

Georgia Tech faculty Tom Sammon, Tara Barrett, and Damon Nix help participants form a ‘lean and safe’ organization. Sammon, a Lean Services project manager for the Georgia Institute of Technology, has previously worked with the Panasonic Robotics Group, Procter & Gamble, and Colgate-Palmolive. Barrett, a Lean Services project manager for Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, has worked as a project manager implementing Lean training for US firms located overseas near Shanghai and Beijing. Nix, a Safety Specialist with the Georgia Tech Safety and Health Consultation Program, provides safety and health consultation services to small businesses throughout Georgia.

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