Georgia Tech’s Office of Industry Engagement launches newly redesigned website

Redesign facilitates connections between Georgia Tech researchers and industry

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation has announced that its Office of Industry Engagement has recently launched a redesigned website ( The new site enables Georgia Tech researchers and potential industry partners to quickly and easily establish a clear path toward mutually beneficial collaborations.

“This website is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in pursuing strategic collaborations through sponsored research, international research, licensing and startups,” said Kevin Wozniak, executive director of Industry Engagement. “With this redesign, we’ve made it easier for researchers to connect with industry and for companies to benefit from Georgia Tech research.”

The Office of Industry Engagement, formerly known as IC3, promotes strategic partnerships with industry, ensuring that Georgia Tech’s groundbreaking innovations can be developed into products and services that benefit our world.

The new website streamlines collaboration and commercialization activities by providing quick access to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), material transfer agreements (MTAs), standard licensing agreements and more. The site also offers clear and simple instructions to guide researchers as they report a new innovation or submit an industry-sponsored research proposal.

The redesigned site has a section designed exclusively for industry, with information about how to sponsor research, license Georgia Tech technologies, and connect with Georgia Tech research activities that can advance the company’s R&D efforts.

“We have a wealth of research activities going on at Georgia Tech, and many of these have the potential to benefit industry,” said Wozniak. “Our goal is to make it easy for relationships between faculty and industry to move forward, and our website is a key tool in achieving this goal.”

New features on the site include:

  • Easy access to forms and agreements
  • Quick submit for sponsored research proposals
  • Quick submit for reporting an innovation
  • Single e-mail address for all general inquiries
  • Clear point of contact for specific inquiries
  • Streamlined navigation targeted to specific audiences (“For researchers” and “For industry”)
  • New section on Industry-Sponsored Research, including step-by-step submission process
  • New section on International Research
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for researchers and FAQs for industry

“The new features on the site enable us to reduce transactional friction and provide great service,” said Wozniak. “We are committed to making Georgia Tech a great place for companies to do research.”

In the coming year, the Office of Industry Engagement plans to add even more features to the site, including smart forms for a variety of activities, including initiating research at Georgia Tech international campuses, transferring or receiving material from collaborating researchers, and non-disclosure agreements.

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