About Us

Georgia Tech’s mission is to encourage innovation, advance knowledge, and serve the public interest. To facilitate these goals, the Office of Industry Engagement was formed to ensure that Georgia Tech innovations have the opportunity to evolve into products and services that can benefit society.

At Industry Engagement, we work together with campus innovators and industry partners to move new technologies and discoveries out of Georgia Tech and into the mainstream of the U.S. economy. As a public university, Georgia Tech has a responsibility to ensure its research results benefit the general public.

Part of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), the Office of Industry Engagement is composed of three groups:

  • Innovation Commercialization and Translational Research (ICTR)
  • Industry Collaborations and Affiliated Licenses (ICAL)
  • International Contracts and Technology Transfer (ICTT)

These offices promote partnerships with industry, government, and non-profits; help transform Georgia Tech’s breakthrough technologies into products; and spur economic development throughout Georgia and beyond. Together, these groups make Industry Engagement a one-stop shop for anyone interested in pursuing strategic collaborations through sponsored research, international research, licensing, and new venture agreements.

Innovation Commercialization and Translational Research (ICTR)

The Innovation Commercialization and Translational Research (ICTR) group manages and protects Georgia Tech’s intellectual property, supports the interests of the university’s researchers, commercializes Georgia Tech’s innovations through various contractual mechanisms, ensures compliance with government regulations and contractual obligations, and develops and fosters long-term industry relationships. ICTR supports the commercialization of technologies through win-win solutions that promote licensing deals, industry partnerships, and the formation of startup companies.

Industry Collaborations and Affiliated Licenses (ICAL)

The Industry Collaborations and Affiliated Licenses (ICAL) group is responsible for managing all of the industry-sponsored research on Georgia Tech’s campus. This group connects industry collaborators with the appropriate Georgia Tech faculty or student researchers who can help a company achieve its goals. ICAL reviews industry-sponsored research proposals and assists with the logistics, including contract terms, research costs, export control, intellectual property matters, proprietary rights, legal issues, and material transfer and non-disclosure agreements. ICAL facilitates and promotes industry partnerships through a variety of agreements, including non-disclosure agreements, sponsored research, testing agreements, and SBIR.

The ICAL team is staffed by professional contracting officers who have a wide range of expertise in legal, financial, and academic research areas, providing an important service for our industry partners and faculty. ICAL responsibilities include adherence to federal, state, and Georgia Tech policies and regulations; maintaining project award files; industry invention reporting; post-award monitoring; and other tasks related to industry-sponsored funding.

International Contracts and Technology Transfer (ICTT)

The International Contracts and Technology Transfer group was established to support Georgia Tech’s growing involvement in international collaborations, both on the Atlanta campus and around the world. ICTT is intimately familiar with the special considerations and complex issues involved in international research administration. The ICTT team executes research agreements with foreign sponsors and manages the intellectual property generated through Georgia Tech’s international research efforts.