Success Stories


Georgia Tech’s FalconView™ mapping application

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation developed a mapping system for Microsoft Windows® to display topographical maps, aeronautical charts, satellite images, and other maps. The overlay tools, originally developed for the Department of Defense to facilitate mission planning, have numerous non-military … Read more


Georgia Tech’s BI Capture™ assists caregivers of children with autism and other special needs

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a behavior imaging tool, BI Capture™, to monitor and assess the behavior of children with autism and other developmental disorders. This easy-to-use, video-based ‘capture and access’ system can be used for recording, annotating, and communicating … Read more


Four Georgia Tech innovators create a semiconductor company

Four researchers at Georgia Tech — Dr. Jeff Dugger, Dr. Matt Kucic, Dr. Paul Hasler, and Dr. Paul Smith – banded together in 2002 to create a startup based on a technology they developed in Georgia Tech’s Integrated Computational Electronics … Read more


Georgia Tech’s Integrated MEMS Laboratory spins out the next generation of motion sensors

Research conducted by Dr. Farrokh Ayazi at Georgia Tech’s renowned Integrated MEMS Laboratory has led to a huge market opportunity for inertial sensors in consumer mobile product applications, including gaming, navigation, and digital photography. Qualtré, Inc., the world’s leading developer … Read more


Georgia Tech research contributes to cutting-edge microelectronics

Akrometrix, a Georgia-based company founded upon the pioneering work of Dr. I. Charles Ume, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Mechanical Engineering, has become an industry leader in measuring and resolving thermomechanical flatness issues in the manufacturing and assembly … Read more


Georgia Tech startup dramatically improves performance and speed of analog integrated circuits

Quellan, a Georgia Tech startup company, designs and markets high performance analog signal processing integrated circuits that dramatically improve the performance, speed, and density of existing platforms. The company has become a leader in analog signal processing and RF noise … Read more


Georgia Tech spinoff pioneers the next generation of health care

CardioMEMS, an Atlanta-based medical technology company, has developed a wireless sensing and communication device designed to help patients and physicians manage cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure, aneurysms, and hypertension. Originally developed by Georgia Tech and MIT, the microelectromechanical system … Read more


Georgia Tech startup drives down the cost of clean, green solar power

Suniva, a solar energy startup founded by Georgia Tech professor Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi and based on his research at Georgia Tech’s University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaics, has secured $55.5 million to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for producing high … Read more