Sponsor Research

As a leader in industry-sponsored research and technology transfer, Georgia Tech seeks collaborators who share our strategy of developing the next generation of innovative technologies. Historically, universities have collaborated with industry on basic research, to explore fundamental challenges in a broad technical area. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are seeking a wider variety of collaborative opportunities. For this reason, Georgia Tech offers a broader range of support for industry partners, including applied research, demonstration, and specialized testing. In addition, the university has created four agreements that enable Georgia Tech to streamline the contracting process and provide straightforward intellectual property terms. To learn more about these contracts, please visit the Contract Continuum page.

The Office of Industry Engagement manages nearly all of the contracts and agreements related to industry-sponsored research at Georgia Tech. In our role, we submit the sponsored research proposal to industry, negotiate the contract, handle forms and agreements (NDAs, MTAs, etc.), monitor the engagement, and eventually close out the award. Our office handles industry-sponsored research; Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs; and international research funded by a foreign government, non-profit, university, or industry. However, a few types of projects are handled by other groups within Georgia Tech.

Programs managed by the office of industry engagement

Programs managed by other geoRgia tech offices

  • U.S. federally funded research (e.g., National Science Foundation, Department of Defense): If the prime award is federal, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Gifts to the university: Whether restricted or unrestricted, gifts are not considered sponsored research projects and they are  handled by the Office of Development.
Have a quick question? Check out our FAQs for industry.