Key Contacts

Kevin Wozniak, MBA
Executive Director, Industry Engagement
Phone: (404) 385-1437
Terry Stout, MBA
Director, Industry Collaborations
Phone: (404) 385-2174
Lauren MacLanahan, Esq.
Director, Innovation Commercialization
Phone: (404) 894-6900

Georgia Tech continually seeks to advance the global competitiveness of Georgia and the nation through commercialization of innovative technologies. Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship as a means to bring Georgia Tech technologies, discoveries, and inventions into the marketplace. Through technology transfer, GTRC ensures that the university’s intellectual endeavors benefit society and make an impact in the world.

Georgia Tech’s technology commercialization and industry sponsored research efforts are supported by the Office of Industry Engagement, which seeks novel contracting and licensing approaches to encourage innovation, advance knowledge, serve the public interest, and promote industry/university collaborations.  The Office of Industry Engagement is composed of three groups:

  • Innovation Commercialization and Translational Research (ICTR)
  • Industry Collaborations and Affiliated Licenses (ICAL)
  • International Contracts and Technology Transfer (ICTT)

These offices promote partnerships with industry, government, and non-profits; help transform Georgia Tech’s breakthrough technologies into products; and spur economic development throughout Georgia and beyond. Together, these groups make Industry Engagement a one-stop shop for anyone interested in pursuing strategic collaborations through sponsored research, international research, licensing, and new venture agreements.

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Key Technologiesshow

The following Georgia Tech innovations are examples of technologies that are closely aligned with Boeing’s research and development efforts:

  • Methods, apparatus, and systems for real-time identification and control of modes of oscillation
    US Patent 5,719,971
    US Patent 5,784,300
  • Neural network based automatic limit prediction and avoidance system and method – US Patent 6,332,105
  • Modification of fluid flow about bodies and surfaces through virtual aero-shaping of airfoils with synthetic jet actuators – US Patent 6,644,598

Current Research Partnershipsshow

The following examples highlight current research collaborations between Georgia Tech and Boeing:

  • Assessment of Combustor Tone Sensitivities and Control Approaches – Dr. Timothy Lieuwen
  • Evaluation of Processes for Producing Nano-Diameter Carbon Fibers
  • Application of Active Flow Control for High Lift System Improvement – Dr. Ari Glezer
  • N+3 Advanced Concept Studies for the Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research

Notable Research and Developmentshow

The following research groups highlight expertise available at Georgia Tech that can help advance Boeing’s research and development efforts: