Start a Research Center

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Many of today’s cutting-edge innovations and discoveries are the result of creative collaborations between university researchers and external industry or government organizations. Research centers, institutes, and consortiums provide an ideal environment for interdisciplinary research and education activities, as they enable researchers to focus on technologies critical to the advancement of society. When forming a new Georgia Tech research center, it is important to assess the following criteria:

  • Is the research critically important to Georgia Tech’s overall mission?
  • Is the research potentially transformative, and will it allow Georgia Tech to become a leading program among peer institutions?
  • Is there demand for this type of research center, and will it attract research funding?
  • Does the center offer an important value for industry partners?
  • Will the center attract highly talented faculty and students?
  • Will the center help our students become leaders in technology-driven companies?
  • Does it make a significant contribution to the public?

We can help Georgia Tech researchers learn best practices for organizational structure, financial management, industry relations, marketing, advisory boards, and center agreements and bylaws. Download and consult the Research Center Manual: Starting and Operating a Georgia Tech Research Center to learn more.