Georgia Tech Integrated Program for Startups (GT:IPS®)

Do you want to create a new startup company? The Office of Industry Engagement developed the Georgia Tech Integrated Program for Startups (GT:IPS®) to help Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and student entrepreneurs jump-start the process. This program provides the support needed to launch companies based on Georgia Tech intellectual property. Throughout the training, participants will develop the skills required to effectively plan and launch a business. In addition, participants who successfully complete the program are eligible for GT:IPS® licensing of Georgia Tech technologies. A GT:IPS® license is an express license that eliminates the negotiating process, dramatically reducing the time required to finalize a licensing deal. GT:IPS® licensees also have access to the best commercially reasonable terms that GTRC can provide.

The curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Making an “elevator pitch”
  • Developing a business plan
  • Constructing a management team
  • Fundraising via the equity markets or SBIR/STTRs
  • “Anatomy” of a license
  • Patent primer
  • Legal aspects of agreements (e.g., consulting, non-competes, proprietary information, employees, shareholders)
  • Conflict of interest
  • Use of campus resources

At the end of the program, participants interested in pursuing a GT:IPS® license will pitch their business to the Office of Industry Engagement. Participants must present a vetted business plan, approved management plan, overview of the management team, conflict of interest declaration, and a list of potential funding sources.

The GT:IPS® license is available only to Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and student entrepreneurs and is completely optional. For those electing the GT:IPS® license, founders must complete four required classes and two electives classes offered in the GT:IPS® curriculum within 6 months. These are all self-paced, online classes.

GT:IPS® Required Classes

  • Conflict of Interest
  • The Business Opportunity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Company Creation

GT:IPS® Optional Electives

  • Funding Options
  • Consulting and other Restrictive Covenants
  • Use of Georgia Tech Facilities
  • Agreements
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Process
  • Export Control
  • Panel of Entrepreneurs

GT:IPS® companies founded by those completing GT:IPS® classes will benefit from a GT:IPS® license that represent the best commercially reasonable terms GTRC can provide.

For more information on GT:IPS®, please contact the Office of Industry Engagement.

Ready to take online GT:IPS classes? View the available courses and download slide presentations and audio recordings of the speakers.

Resources for Entrepreneurs/Startups

  • Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a startup accelerator program at Georgia Tech. Flashpoint offers entrepreneurial education and access to experienced mentors, experts, and investors in an exciting, immersive, shared-learning, open workspace.
  • VentureLab: VentureLab is Georgia Tech’s comprehensive center for technology commercialization, open to all faculty, research staff, and students who want to form startup companies based upon their research.


GT:IPS® is a registered trademark of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.