Report Your Innovation

The first step toward commercializing your innovation begins with an initial disclosure to the Office of Industry Engagement. Through this process, Industry Engagement can record the innovation, determine what form of intellectual property is involved, establish accurate inventorship as well as ownership interests in the innovation, and evaluate the innovation’s commercial potential. If you have developed something that you believe to be novel, you should report it to the Office of Industry Engagement.

To make this process as efficient as possible, Industry Engagement has developed an online system, Web Disclosure, that allows for secure online submission of innovations by faculty, staff, and students. Anyone with Georgia Tech Kerberos credentials can log into Web Disclosure.

Web Disclosure has been set up for invention, software, and copyright disclosures. Researchers will need to provide Industry Engagement with a written, enabling description of the technology. An “enabling description” explains to someone of skill in your field how to make or use your invention. This enabling description and any other pertinent documents are uploaded into the Web Disclosure system.

Please note that submission of a disclosure to Industry Engagement is not the same as filing a provisional patent application, and it does not provide protection for your innovation in the event of public disclosure (e.g., a publication or public presentation). Therefore, it is critical that Georgia Tech innovators submit a disclosure and an enabling description of the technology no less than two business days prior to any public disclosure or statutory deadline. This enables the Office of Industry Engagement to determine the best course of action in protecting your innovation.

Innovators can access all of their disclosures submitted through this system and can quickly obtain contact information for their licensing associate. The previous requirement to submit original signatures has been eliminated and replaced with an e-signature format that enables Industry Engagement to accept electronic signatures via an automatically generated e-mail to all innovators listed on a disclosure. First-time users of the system should take just a few minutes to watch our training videos:

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