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If you are visiting our office go to:
926 Dalney Street, NW
Downtown Atlanta
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Our mailing address is:
926 Dalney Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0415
If by express courier,
zip code is 30318
If you have a question about...
chevron bullet Accessing Georgia Tech innovations email iconJasmine Williams, JD
phone icon 404.894.7044
chevron bullet Sponsoring research at Georgia Tech email iconJarrett R. Ellis, MEd, JD
phone icon 404.894.6929
chevron bullet International research email iconYatri Amin, JD
phone icon 404.894.2120
chevron bullet Research Centers at Georgia Tech email iconYathurshi (Yadu) Haase, JD
phone icon 404.858.6440
chevron bullet Translational Research Grants (GRA-VentureLab, Coulter, Children's Healthcare) email iconGage Ramos, JD
phone icon 404.385.3034
chevron bullet NDAs, MTAs and DUAs email iconKendall Crosby, JD
phone icon 470.421.9933