We help Georgia Tech faculty secure agreements for research funded by industry. From the proposal process to negotiating agreements, we are here for you.
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Sponsored Research
Translational Research Grants
We process Georgia Tech's internal awards for taking basic research to the next level and moving it down the innovation pipeline.
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Translational Research
Your Discoveries & Inventions
We license Georgia Tech technologies to solve industry R&D challenges and benefit the general public. You start the process by reporting your innovations.
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Your Technology
Exchange Agreements
We help you put the necessary agreements in place to enable the transfer of information, materials, or data.
NDAs, MTAs, and DUAs
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Faculty Resources
Georgia Tech faculty interested in launching startup companies or forming a new research center can get the information they need here.
Faculty Resources
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Student Resources
We encourage Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students to actively pursue entrepreneurship as part of their overall educational experience.
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More Resources for Students
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