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industry-sponsored research FORMS

Georgia Tech encourages sponsored research support from industry partners. The following forms are used when initiating industry-sponsored research.

international contracts – Export Control Forms

These forms are used when sending information or material outside the U.S. or to a foreign national inside the U.S.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

When proprietary information must be exchanged in order for Georgia Tech and an outside partner to determine whether to enter into a contract, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is used to outline the terms under which the proprietary information shall be exchanged. To initiate an NDA, please complete the NDA Routing Form.

Material Transfer Agreement FORMs

When innovators at Georgia Tech want to send materials to or receive materials from companies, Georgia Tech may create a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). The MTA clarifies how the materials may be used and defines rights and responsibilities for both the provider and the recipient. The Office of Industry Engagement handles all incoming and outgoing MTAs.