International Campuses

Georgia Tech provides exceptional off-campus educational opportunities for its students and faculty through its growing network of international campuses around the world. The university has a presence in France, Ireland, Singapore, Shanghai, Peking, and Costa Rica.


The Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) campus offers year-round undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Georgia Tech’s European center located in Metz, France, just 80 minutes by train from Paris. Founded in 1990, it offers courses taught in English by Georgia Tech faculty, and it is also home to an international laboratory jointly run by Georgia Tech and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). An electronic version of the GT-Lorraine Proposal Routing Form is available online.


Located in central Ireland in the city of Athlone, Georgia Tech-Ireland (GTI) supports industry by conducting applied research, providing advanced engineering support, and offering workshops and continuing education.


Georgia Tech and the National University of Singapore (NUS) jointly run The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific (TLI-AP). This collaborative institute provides logistics expertise to the industries across the world today, focusing on global logistics, information technology, industrial engineering, and supply chain management. TLI-AP’s role is to deliver leading-edge research and development in logistics engineering, technology, and management and to provide high-quality post-graduate education in logistics at the master’s and Ph.D. levels.


The Georgia Tech-Shanghai Initiative provides Georgia Tech students an exciting opportunity to live and study in rapidly growing China and gives Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) students exposure to a world-class education. An agreement between SJTU and Georgia Tech allows students of SJTU to receive dual master’s degrees from both institutions.


To meet the needs of a rapidly changing society and global economy, three internationally renowned institutions — Peking University, Emory University, and Georgia Tech — have forged a partnership in biomedical engineering. The Peking University Joint Degree Ph.D. program offers a unique means for U.S. and Chinese students to learn and work in a global economy and in global health settings. Program graduates will be prepared to become global leaders of innovation who can contribute to cultural, political, economic, and health concerns in their home countries and around the world.

Costa Rica

Georgia Tech has established a Trade-chain Innovation and Productivity (TIP) Center in San Jose, Costa Rica. The TIP Center’s focus is on promoting innovation to improve Costa Rica’s logistics performance and on increasing trade between the U.S. and Costa Rica by analyzing and improving the productivity of trade-chains between the two countries. The TIP Center also provides a focal point for collaboration between Georgia Tech and Costa Rica universities to provide international educational opportunities for students from both countries.