Industry-Sponsored Research

Industry-Sponsored Research Process

The Office of Industry Engagement is your home for all industry-sponsored research activities, both in the U.S. and abroad. We review all sponsored research proposals, negotiate terms and conditions, and execute the contracts. In addition, Industry Engagement can assist with preparation of proposal materials, including the statement of work, budget, forms, and agreements. We work with Georgia Tech researchers and industry partners to ensure that agreements are in accord with university policies and procedures as well as federal regulations and requirements.

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs: F&A Costs reimburse Georgia Tech for the costs associated with conducting research that cannot be charged to a single project. Such costs include buildings and facilities costs, utilities, and information technology infrastructure as well as department and central administrative costs associated with managing externally funded projects.

We have developed guidance that walks through the process of securing industry-sponsored research — from initial concept to post-award maintenance. Please review these 7 steps to learn more about what to include in the sponsored research proposal, how the submission process works, how long the process generally takes, and much more.

Research funded by an international organization (industry, government, or academic institution) follows the same process outlined above with a few slight variations. See our guidelines on International Research for more specific information.

The Office of Industry Engagement manages nearly all of the contracts and agreements related to sponsored research at Georgia Tech. This includes industry-sponsored research; Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs; and international research funded by a foreign government, non-profit, university, or industry. However, a few types of projects are handled by other groups within Georgia Tech.

Programs managed by The office of industry engagement

Programs managed by other georgia tech offices

  • U.S. federally funded research (e.g., National Science Foundation, Department of Defense): If the prime award is federal, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Gifts to the university: Whether restricted or unrestricted, gifts are not considered sponsored research projects and they are  handled by the Office of Development.